Jul 15,2013
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I know what you’re thinking: Why keep getting up, day in and
day out, even though your life is going nowhere?

No raises, no promotions, no hope, no future.
And let’s face it: No love.

But don’t feel bad for you yourself.

Feel bad for exploited immigrants who have their fingers shattered
while stocking shelves on the graveyard shift at monolithic retailers.

Feel bad for the soldiers of pointless wars who have arms blown
off by IEDs

Feel bad for arthritic, long-haul truck drivers who need every firm
grasp they have left for the dark roads and bottom-crashing races ahead.

No matter how bad things get, none of those people can live the
life you can: A life of pathetic, dick-punching resignation.

You are lucky. You have food, you have water, and you have shelter -
shelter that specifically includes at least one room with a locking
door, an Internet connection, and a computer you don’t share with
your elderly parents.

No king leaves you too exhausted from one type of hammering to
indulge in another; no bishop lives to tell you not to bash yours.

There has never been a better time in the history of mankind to be
completely, cripplingly, devastatingly alone, and yet here you are:
Thinking about giving up on the good times.

Not realizing that you still have so much to live for- that there
is still so much to jerk off to.

After all: The world is alive! Alive with people as fat, shallow
and broken as you are. Alive with beautiful women that have been
lied to all their lives, who get on buses bound for your pornography.

Alive with the seething sadness of all our breaking dreams.

And I hope that you read these words and realize that there is still
so much inside of you, just waiting to come out.

I hope you promise yourself to live to see the day that you truly
fall in love at first sight, lock your eyes onto a look you’ve waited
a lifetime to see, hit the pause button, take a deep breath, and
know what it would be like to be wanted -even if it isn’t for the
right reasons- by anybody.

If only for a moment.

by Even Winter

Jul 14,2013
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I’m not sure how to say this…

but I’m going now… This will be the last post on this tumblr, from me. I don’t know if someone else is going to post something on it, but I don’t think so.

well thank you everyone for being there supporting me and stalking me ^-^” but I have to go now… bye


Jul 14,2013
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Jul 14,2013
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Jul 14,2013
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Jul 14,2013
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I don’t get it…why do I get more followers after saying I’m going to delete my tumblr…

Jul 13,2013
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Jul 13,2013
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Jul 13,2013
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Jul 13,2013
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nimvoir: Dæ va synd at du slutta å tumbel, sian e har lest den længe, men e skjønne vest du vil slutt <33

nej e trur ikke du gjær dæ…

men du bli å gjær dæ, snart.

Jul 12,2013
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Anonymous: what the hell is wrong with anorexics?! hahaha

nothing really, they’re just … taking a diet a little bit too far, and yeah..

Jul 12,2013
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Loneliness is not a sin.
No matter what the circumstances,
I don’t need help from others.
Other people only get in the way.
 To help… is mere pity….
It is jealousy towards the strong.
An insult to a noble spirit.
to be alone is to be the only one.
the privilege… of a superior soul.

Jul 12,2013
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Jul 12,2013
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